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An outpouring of God’s love

This past spring break, I had the opportunity to travel with six fellow Extol employees, their spouses/children, and a group of people from Kentwood Community Church to serve with Back2Back Ministries in Cancun, Mexico. With the goal of helping families stay together, Back2Back provides holistic care in the areas of physical, spiritual, educational, emotional, and social needs. We were blessed to be able to help in many of these areas in our time there.

Hide those unsightly gaps

Staking stretchy cloth material can be challenging. In the initial design of this gap hider, the bosses were very tall and parallel to each other which created some difficult staking angles at either end of the bracket. Extol recommended…

March Madness and welding

Ultrasonic welding vs. Hot-plate welding. When you picked your March Madness teams, you considered strength of schedule and how their weaknesses matched up. Let’s talk about welding plastic parts for life science applications and how weld strength and leak (weakness) compare between ultrasonic welding (USW) and hot-plate welding (HPW).

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