InfraStake Technology Reaches Milestone

Feb 3, 2015 | News | 0 comments

Extol’s patented InfraStake® product has surpassed the 10,000 modules sold mark. Introduced in 1997, InfraStake is a tightly controlled, low-impact staking process which uses infrared energy to fasten components together, eliminating screws, snaps, adhesives and other mechanical fasteners. The InfraStake module clamps the subject components together, heats the molded plastic boss with infrared light, and forms the plastic with a non-heated punch driven by an integrated, low-force pneumatic cylinder. The process provides a tight final assembly with uniform heating and low-stress forming. With precisely-directed infrared light, there is minimal risk for show surface marking and no damage to delicate assemblies and electronics.

With quick cycle times and the capability to stake multiple points simultaneously, the process offers clear advantages over ‘sequenced’ methods. InfraStake is cost-effective with no pre-heat cycle required and with the utilization of low energy consumption (35 or 100-watts), technical grade, Halogen lamps. Extremely safe, no heat guards are required and there is no burn risk to the operator. The process is utilized in both standard and custom machines. InfraStake is made in the USA at Extol headquarters in Zeeland, Michigan, and sold throughout the world. To learn more, please click here.

Extol is a distinct provider of exceptional plastics joining solutions. Services include design for assembly consultation, application lab testing, prototyping, and preproduction part runs. Based in Southwest Michigan, Extol designs and manufactures both custom assembly and leak test equipment, and a standard line of plastics joining equipment. Products include patented infrared staking and welding technologies along with servo-controlled hot-plate and spin-welding machines. Extol has been making a difference through excellence in innovation for almost three decades. Equipment is supported and serviced at customer locations around the globe.