Dear California, thank you for the regulations. Love, Extol.

Dec 23, 2015 | Case Studies, Hot-Plate Welding | 0 comments

Hot-Plate Welding Case Study

Akulon is a type of nylon that was developed to reduce permeability and prevent gasoline vapors from permeating out of small engine fuel tanks. This unique characteristic eliminates the need for a secondary fluorination coating process. Nylon is traditionally a very difficult material to hot-plate weld due to a high melting temperature and sticky characteristics. However, we were able to weld this part by using replaceable Teflon sheets on the heated tooling to prevent sticking. The production welders were made to weld (2) tanks, side-by-side, simultaneously. Dear California, thank you for the regulations. Together, we can save the world. Love, Extol.