March Madness and welding

Ultrasonic welding vs. Hot-plate welding. When you picked your March Madness teams, you considered strength of schedule and how their weaknesses matched up. Let’s talk about welding plastic parts for life science applications and how weld strength and leak (weakness) compare between ultrasonic welding (USW) and hot-plate welding (HPW).

4 common mistakes people make when hot-plate welding

In our last blog post, we discussed that you only need 2 things to weld plastic, heat and pressure. It really is that simple. However, there are 4 common mistakes that people often make when setting up a hot-plate weld that can prevent adequate heat and pressure from being achieved. Today we’re going to explore these mistakes and how a strong weld can be attained by avoiding them.

You only need these 2 things to weld plastic

Believe it or not, you only need two things to weld plastic parts together. Heat and pressure. Just look at hot-plate welding as an example. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the hot-plate welding process, it goes like this: Two parts are…

Staking flexible LED circuits

This tricky application consisted of the LH and RH versions of both the Liftgate and Bodyside tail lamps, for total of (4) assemblies to be staked. Each assembly had (32) stake points to be staked simultaneously…


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