Design Engineer I

Job Summary

Develops detailed designs for custom automated machines and workstations. Includes the design of the structure, layout, and all mechanical components. Assists with specifications for pneumatic and electrical systems and controls. Creates and maintains necessary machine documentation including machine specifications, drawings, models, and renderings. Develops good customer relations to ensure designs result in satisfaction with the company product. Upon completion, analyzes data and reports findings to enable continuous improvement.

Essential Job Duties & Responsibilities

The activities listed below will be performed at all levels within the progression but with increasing independence and emphasis on unique situations and original thought. At a level I, work is mainly standard with supervision and some guidance provided on more complex projects. At a level II, work involves complex issues but these issues typically can be addressed through unique application of standard practices. Greater independence in planning and accomplishing work is expected. At a level III, the work includes large/complex projects and/or challenging customers. May provide direction to less experienced project team members. Original thought and problem-solving is expected with ability to foresee difficulties and take proactive measures to prevent project delays.

  • Develops detailed designs for custom automated machines and work stations. Analyzes machine concept for function, ergonomics, safety, and manufacturability. Defines machine structure, layout, and all mechanical components. Designs main base frame, and guarding frame systems. Specifies mechanical motion systems (including cylinders, slides, gantry and press applications), proper part nesting and orientation, and machine sensor and part verification systems. Designs the location and proper mounting of sensors, main panel and junction box, pneumatic control valves and operator interface/push button devices. Specifies and designs all mechanical safety devices per OSHA, customer and company standards. Assists with specifications for pneumatic and electrical systems and controls.
  • Creates and maintains design records including all concept specifications, drawings, models, and renderings, purchased component information, and engineering data/calculations. Generates the I/O sheet for use during the controls design and programming of the machine. Writes a detailed sequence of operations and naming configurations to be used by the controls team when setting up the operator interface screen descriptions for machine documentation. Updates mechanical detail and assembly prints after the machine build portion is completed.
  • Develops relationship with customer to clarify machine requirements, gain approval for detailed design proposal, and resolve any design issues that arise.
  • Specifies all component purchases and external process requirements. Generates project Bill of Materials. Selects vendors based on price, quality (functionality and reliability) and delivery standards.
  • Tracks and analyzes design costs (labor and material) and timing. Works with Project Management to resolve variances and meet customer expectations. Analyzes design results to recommend continuous improvement changes for future projects.
  • Assists in machine concepting and quoting activities as needed.


  • BS degree in mechanical engineering or related science, or equivalent.
  • Demonstrated basic understanding of machine build process, company technologies and ergonomics.
  • Demonstrated technical mathematics abilities to perform engineering calculations and analysis during design creation and testing.
  • Demonstrated ability to use design software to create drawings and models. Experience utilizing “SolidWorks” or “Inventor” 3D software is preferred.
  • Demonstrated written and verbal communication skills to clearly document technical information (e.g., machine specifications and operating instructions), clarify unclear issues, and maintain detail accuracy.
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a team.
  • Demonstrated organizational skills to efficiently plan and complete work details.
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How To Apply

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