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Plastics Joining Processes


The application of focused infrared light energy is at the core of this revolutionary technology. This tightly controlled, low impact process is applied to component staking, and targeted zone-area heating for forming or material embedding.


Vortex PRECEDENCE Spin Welder

We think that the Vortex, servo-driven spin welder is simply the best in its class. We’ve loaded up this bench-top welder with smart, practical features which others charge extra for – or don’t even offer. Along the way we’ve worked hard to offer one fine, intuitive, and clever operator interface.


Rapid Conductor, Hot-Plate Welder

At Extol, we approach Hot-Plate (Fusion) welding at a different speed - literally. The Extol Rapid Conductor series welders feature fully supported, servo-controlled platens that provide for fast, independent force and distance control.


Ultrasonic Welding

Extol has widespread experience in standard and complex ultrasonic welding applications. From basic bench top models to multi-head sequencing systems, we offer complete welder and tooling packages.


Plastics Joining Technology

Refreshing ideas brought to reality through creative engineering truly distinguish our plastics joining equipment from the competition. Take a closer look at the new 'standard' in equipment process control, speed, and true innovation.
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Applications Lab

Our customers consider the work we perform in the Applications Lab as a key and highly valued service. We have the capability to assess application feasibility over a wide variety of process methods. We also provide application specific design recommendations for the most robust joining solution. The equipment in our lab supports preliminary and prototype assembly with in-house verification methods such as tensile strength testing, microstructure analysis, and even burst and leak testing.

What's Next at Extol?

At Extol, we have a dedicated Innovation & Development group committed to thinking outside of the box. We listen to our customers and focus on improving the processes where they struggle and seek to invent new technologies that provide true value for their benefit.

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