What We Offer

Applications Lab

An extension of your engineering team

Whether you need design help, feasibility testing, prototype support, or small pre-production part builds, our lab engineers are here for you.

Custom Machines

Custom plastics joining is our business.

Our ‘Specials’ team is all about custom machines. We provide solutions that meet your needs and we have the plastics joining expertise to make sure it is done right.


Rapid Conductor

The rules of hot-plate welding have changed.

The most sophisticated hot-plate welder available. Featuring fully supported, servo-controlled platens for fast, powerful, and independent force and distance control.

Compact FUSION

Half the size, plenty of power

Smallest available servo-driven, hot-plate welder on the market. Ideal for smaller assemblies, clean-rooms, & limited space environments. Can be used in non-contact applications as well.


Setting higher expectations

The best equipped, highest value spin welding machine in its class. Integrated controls keep the footprint of this rugged bench-top unit very compact.


Staking at the speed of light

Low-impact, clean, tight staking process that shines above other outdated, hot, sticky, and ugly staking processes. Available in turn-key machines and integration packages.


Through-beam welding at the IR spectrum

Innovative through-transmission infrared welding in a compact package. This technology uses focused IR light energy to replace adhesives. Useful in both linear and spot welding applications.