Compact FUSION

Bench-top, servo-driven hot-plate welding

Half the size, plenty of power

Smallest available servo-driven, hot-plate welder on the market. Ideal for smaller assemblies, cleanrooms, & limited space environments. Can be used in non-contact applications as well.

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Size Benefits

  • Optimized work area for joining a wide variety of medium-sized plastic components
  • Accommodates tall or heavily-contoured components
  • Allows for front or side operation and facilitates automatic load & unload of components

Performance Benefits

  • Fully utilize machine capacity by using the welder for numerous welding applications
  • Provides safe load station while eliminating expensive light curtains or other bulky safety devices
  • Provides precise force and distance control, assures consistent melt and seal profile, no hard stops
  • Easy to operate with comprehensive and intuitive graphics, stores up to 16 programs
  • Flexibility to set-up operation from the side or front
  • Provides adjustable temperature zone programming to maintain isothermal condition of heated tooling
  • High strength at a lighter weight with low inertia

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