Staking Plastic with Infrared Light

Staking at the speed of light

Low-impact, clean, tight staking process that shines above other outdated, hot, sticky, and ugly staking processes. Available in turn-key machines and integration packages.

Standard. Custom. Integration.

We offer ‘turn-key’ machines ranging from standard Extol press options to fully customized assembly machinery. Additionally, Extol provides a comprehensive package of InfraStake components and accessories to customers who build assembly equipment ‘in-house’ and to equipment integrators/machine builders.

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Standard Machines

An ideal solution for staking small to medium-sized thermoplastic parts.

InfraPress 304
3″ x 4″ tooling area
Capacity of up to 4 InfraStake modules

InfraPress 713
7″ x 13″ tooling area
Capacity of up to 12 InfraStake modules

Custom Machines

The possibilities are endless with Extol’s custom machines. We’ve built unique single-point InfraStake machines and others incorporating 100+ InfraStake modules. Projects range from simple bench-top machines to complex work cells, which feature numerous IR machines and additional joining processes and functions.

Integration Packages

Integration packages include:

  • InfraStake or InfraWeld module(s)
  • Power supply / controller
  • Air manifolds for module function
  • Dual flow rate air filtration and regulation system
  • Maintenance tool kit
  • Detailed documentation

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