Rapid Conductor

Servo-driven hot-plate welding

The rules of hot-plate welding have changed.

The most sophisticated hot-plate welder available. Featuring fully supported, servo-controlled platens for fast, powerful, and independent force and distance control.

With years of experience manufacturing custom hot-plate welders performing complex functions – beyond the actual welding process, Extol introduced a standard product line with many of those high-speed, precision attributes ‘built-in’.

The servo-controlled platen motion coupled with our proprietary coatings and related higher temperature platen operation make consistent, high-speed hot-plate welding a reality.

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More Details

The impressive list of standard features include: on-board data logging, (15) set-up storage capacity, teach mode, multiple heat zones with heater burn-out and thermo-couple detection, vacuum controlled part retention with sensing, exhaust hood and more standard!

A complete list of options is offered and as usual at Extol, customer specials are never a problem. Standard sizes include the 1015, 1524 and 2040 (platen dimensions – inches)

Operator Interface

A sampling of operator interface screens are shown below.

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