3D Printing for Machine Builders

Accelerate your machine build with 3D-printed tooling.

Machine builders are using 3D printing to replace CNC machining and poured urethane to create fixtures and custom details.

Wield your secret weapon and enjoy the benefits of design freedom, lightweight details, short lead times, and fewer parts — all without sacrificing strength or performance.

Start 3D printing your…

Design Freedom

Conquer Timelines


Consolidate Parts

Strong 3D Printed Fixtures

Get more design freedom and keep projects on time.

3D printing your fixtures and nesting will make you feel like you hit the “easy” button, compared to CNC machining or poured urethane.

Non-marking, Soft Touch Tooling, will protect your customer’s sensitive A-surface parts from scuffs and scratches.

Additionally, 3D printing has drastically shorter lead times than traditional manufacturing methods, which keeps your project on schedule while reducing costs.

Reduce cost and lead time with 3D printed Soft Touch Tooling™.

3D Printed End of Arm Tooling (EOAT)

Save money and time with exceptionally lighter EOATs.

Lightweight 3D-printed EOATs offer significant advantages over traditional EOATs made of heavier materials. Firstly, the reduced weight of 3D-printed EOAT allows for the use of smaller, less expensive robots.

Secondly, the reduced weight of the EOAT enables the robot to move at faster speeds, increasing the efficiency and productivity of the manufacturing process.

Finally, 3D printing allows for the design of highly-customized EOATs with integrated features such as pneumatic plumbing, cable retention, and more.

Discover how to save cost and weight with 3D printed end-of-arm-tooling.

3D Printed Sensor Covers and Guards

Protect sensitive sensors with purpose-printed guarding.

Custom 3D-printed sensor covers can be highly customized to fit specific sensors and devices, providing better protection and ensuring a more accurate reading.

Get custom sensor covers and guards.

Tricky Custom Details

Dramatically simplify your creation of custom details.

By using 3D printing, complex custom details become a single, easy-to-manufacture component. Compared to traditional fabrication methods, which would require multiple components and hours of machining, 3D-printed details are effortless.

Get complex custom details — effortlessly.

3D Printed First Shots of Customer Parts for Debug

Set up your machine without waiting for molded customer parts.

When building a manufacturing machine, you need customer part samples to perform the initial setup of nesting, sensors, and more. Rather than waiting for molded samples to arrive, you can 3D print parts and keep the machine build on track.

Get prototype samples of customer parts in only days.

Read more about 3D printing at Extol.

Extol Obtains FDA Registration to Offer Turnkey Manufacturing for 3D Printed Medical Devices

Extol Obtains FDA Registration to Offer Turnkey Manufacturing for 3D Printed Medical Devices

Michigan-based digital manufacturer, Extol, Inc., announces FDA registration for contract manufacturing of 3D printed medical devices. The FDA registration will allow Extol to expand its offerings for the life-sciences industry. It will immediately impact Extol’s capability to provide complete solutions for additive manufacturing of medical devices for the orthotics and prosthetics (O&P) market.

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Get low cost, strong, lightweight tooling faster with MJF 3D printing

Get low cost, strong, lightweight tooling faster with MJF 3D printing

We are always looking for innovative ways to solve customer challenges. Recently a customer came to us needing a creative solution for their application. We worked with them to develop a custom automation machine that capitalized on additive manufacturing. In this case, 3D printed tooling helped us produce cost-effective and easy-to-use equipment.

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