Who we are

Extol is a manufacturing technology company that improves the way plastic products are made. We provide plastic assembly technology, custom automation, and engineering services across our customers' value stream.


Compete in the marketplace while honoring and glorifying God.


Build a customer-centric, values-driven organization that grows profitably by solving customers' challenges with a delightful experience.


  • Stewardship
  • Empathy
  • Humility
  • Trust
  • Winning Together

Significant IMPACT

What is it? Significant IMPACT describes Extol’s efforts beyond the scope of business. We’re humbled and blessed that we can use our resources, a portion of our profits, and the willing energy of our people to help those in need. Employees are encouraged to take a paid week off from work and use their time and talents to contribute to the needs of others. Below are just a few of our stories.

Back2Back Ministries

Extol has sponsored multiple teams of employees with companions to travel to the impoverished communities of Cancun, Mexico over the past few years. The teams came alongside Back2Back Ministries, which ministers to orphans, widows, and vulnerable children in various cities throughout the world. Back2Back strives to break the cycle these kids and families are in by tending to their spiritual, physical, educational, emotional, and social needs. “We helped with construction projects and learned and laughed with the local children. I really enjoyed working alongside my fellow Extol employees in a completely different way than what we do on a normal basis. It was truly a blessing to be on the trip,” reflects Jason Dornbos.

Read An Outpouring of God’s Love to learn more.

Water Missions International

In collaboration with Water Missions International, Extol helped develop a mobile water treatment center that can be used in the event of a natural disaster. The water treatment center was built into a rugged shipping container for transport via land, air, or sea. It also can be converted into a beefy trailer system that can be positioned to a site by a tow vehicle…or even animal drawn. The long-term vision is to provide mobile units around the world staged for rapid response to urgent water needs.

Looking to visit?

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