We are doing it again…

May 9, 2019Business, nanoSTAKE

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We are doing it again…

We are redesigning nanoSTAKE. What? Why?!

Well, this is what we do. Rather than wasting a lot of time trying to develop the perfect product and coming up short or missing the mark entirely, we work hard to get a viable product in your hands fast. We want you to see it, touch it, play with it, and tell us what should improve. That way we can make it better.

Current nanoSTAKE design

Have you ever been convinced that you needed a particular feature? You spend extra money to get that feature and then you use it once, maybe twice. Turns out, you didn’t really need that feature. This happens to everyone. People aren’t great at knowing what we want until we have a chance to experience it.

At Extol, we pride ourselves on being innovative, but it takes a lot of learning to be able to innovate well. In the past, we would do our best to research what the market wanted. We’d talk to customers and try to understand what they were asking for. Then we’d spend an absurd amount of time and energy developing a product that had all the features that we thought everyone wanted. When we were done, we’d lock the design, put a pretty bow on it, and call it a standard product. Then not many customers wanted it. Yeah, it was a cool product, but it was too expensive and didn’t really solve the customer’s problem. Sure, we gave them what they asked for, but not what they really needed. We solved the wrong problem.

We don’t do that anymore. We’re learning. We still listen to the customer’s needs, but instead of trying to develop a perfect product, we bring an imperfect product to market as fast as we can. We want to put the product in your hands as soon as possible so that you can use it and experience it. There may be issues that lead to future improvements. So, we support early adopters like crazy to make sure they are successful. Along the way, we listen and learn what works well and what doesn’t and then we make changes. If necessary, we start over and redesign the product. We expect that it may take a few iterations before we have a great product.

So, that’s what is happening with nanoSTAKE. The product works well, but we are listening to our customers, squashing bugs, and we believe we can make it even better. We are taking what we’ve learned and have started working on the next version. So, get ready for the best nanoSTAKE yet.

To learn about the nanoSTAKE technology and how it works, click here.

Jason Dornbos

Jason Dornbos

Marketing Communications Manager

Jason is a mechanical engineer with valuable experience in hands-on plastics joining experimentation. He's a passionate problem-solver and communicator. He also challenges anyone to a game of foosball.