Fighting back against COVID-19

Extol is working with first responders, doctors, and treatment centers to develop products to help in the fight against COVID-19. Here’s what we’re working on…

N95 SCBA Mask Adapter for First Responders

Many firefighters and emergency medical personnel are required to wear an N95 mask on each call, but they are facing a shortage of N95 masks. Extol has worked with local first responders to design and manufacture an adapter that allows for firefighters to use their current fit-tested SCBA face piece with a filter cut from an N95 mask or other appropriate filter media.

With the adapter, firefighters can significantly extend the life of a single N95 mask. Extol is manufacturing the adapter with HP MJF 3D printing.

Non-Invasive Ventilator Helmet

Non-invasive ventilator helmets allow for a more diverse range of medical treatments by using CPAPs, BiPAPs or oxygen in some cases. They may also limit the spread of the virus within the treatment facility and assist in protecting medical staff.

Extol has worked with local health care providers to develop an NIV helmet and is manufacturing them to help combat the COVID-19 virus.