Ordering InfraStake

Ready to order an InfraStake integration package? Here is what you need to know.

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How to Submit an Order

This is what we need from you to start working on your InfraStake integration package:

Purchase Order

A purchase order with the following:

  • Quote number
  • Project title
  • Payment terms

CAD Data

CAD data of the application including:

  • 3D CAD data in native format
  • Any drawings with critical tolerance information

Material Information

Material information including:

  • Material type
  • Material colors
  • Filler type (glass, talc, etc.)
  • Filler percentage (if any)

Project Destination

Destination information including:

  • Destination location of the InfraStake machine(s)
  • Name of actual end-user

What Happens Next

You’ve sent in your order, now what?

Order Confirmation

Once we have your order set up, you’ll receive an order confirmation email that notifies you of any deliverables that we still need and the estimated delivery date of the order.

Typical Timing

Timing varies based on our workload and the size of the order. Normally you can expect to receive a design proposal within 8 business days. The shipment date is typically 5-7 weeks after the order is received.

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