PM400 Power Supply Specifications
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The PM400 Power Supply is a device that supplies 12 VDC power to the InfraStake modules. Each PM400 provides lamp power for up to (4) InfraStake modules.

What’s Included?

Each PM400 comes with the following:

  • Two 24 VDC connectors
  • Two AS-I connectors (only needed for AS-I communication method)
  • Ribbon cable (only needed for Discrete I/O communication method)
  • Module power connector
  • 9-conductor module power cable

Power Requirements

L115 V Hot / 230 V L1
N115 V Neutral / 230 V L2
(Ground)Protective Earth
(J301 or J302) -DC COM (0 V)
(J301 or J302) ++24 VDC
Lamp Power*92-264 VAC single phase, 5.8-2.1 A, 47 - 63 Hz
Control Power24 VDC ± 10%, 50 mA

*Current assumes (4) lamps.

InfraView Card Connections

J101Lamp ConnectionsSupplies power to InfraStake modules
J102Lamp PowerReceives power from 12 V power supply for modules
J301Control PowerReceives power from machine
J302Control PowerDuplicate connector for daisy chaining PM400s together
J303Discrete I/OCommunicates with controller
J304AS-ICommunicates with controller
J305AS-IDuplicate connector for daisy chaining PM400s together

Controller Connections

Connections to a PLC or other controller are typically made through the Discrete I/O Interface (J303) connector located on the InfraView Interface Board. The connection can also be made through the AS-Interface (J304 or J305) connector.

Discrete I/O Interface – J303

The PM400 has a 10-conductor ribbon cable used to control 1 to 4 modules.

PinDescriptionWire SpecificationsColor
1Input Common (PNP – 0V; NPN – 24V)22-28 AWG StrandedBlack
2Lamp 1 On Input22-28 AWG StrandedWhite
3Lamp 2 On Input22-28 AWG StrandedGray
4Lamp 3 On Input22-28 AWG StrandedPurple
5Lamp 4 On Input22-28 AWG StrandedBlue
6Output Common (PNP – 0V)22-28 AWG StrandedGreen
7Lamp 1 Status Output22-28 AWG StrandedYellow
8Lamp 2 Status Output22-28 AWG StrandedOrange
9Lamp 3 Status Output22-28 AWG StrandedRed
10Lamp 4 Status Output22-28 AWG StrandedBrown
  • Ribbon cable length must be 3 meters or less to comply with CE.
  • Lamp control outputs must be solid-state.
  • Each lamp must be kept at full power (no pulsing) for the first 0.5 seconds after turn-on.

AS-Interface – J304 & J305

The AS-I network requires an AS-I master and AS-I power supply which are offered by most PLC manufacturers. The use of AS-I is typically only cost effective on systems with 13 or more Infra lamps. Extol prefers the Wago System 750 AS-I master (P/N: 750-655) and AS-I power supply (P/N: 787-692) because they are cost effective and when combined with a Wago bus coupler, can be controlled over any I/O network. Go to or for more information.

AS-I Connections

Both J304 and J305 have the same pinout.

PinDescriptionWire Specifications
+AS-I + (30.5 VDC & Data) 18-22 AWG Stranded
-AS-I - (30.5 VDC & Data) 18-22 AWG Stranded

AS-I Power Requirements

The power supply must be AS-I compliant.

Voltage30.5 VDC
Current6 mA

Module Connections

Lamp Connection Interface – J101

PinDescriptionWire Specifications
1 (Top)Lamp 1 Output (0 VDC)16 AWG Stranded (or larger)
2Lamp 2 Output (0 VDC)16 AWG Stranded (or larger)
3Lamp 3 Output (0 VDC)16 AWG Stranded (or larger)
4Lamp 4 Output (0 VDC)16 AWG Stranded (or larger)
CLamp Power (+12 VDC)16 AWG Stranded (or larger)
CLamp Power (+12 VDC)16 AWG Stranded (or larger)
CLamp Power (+12 VDC)16 AWG Stranded (or larger)
C (Bottom)Lamp Power (+12 VDC)16 AWG Stranded (or larger)

InfraStake Module Connector

PinIS32 & IS125ISM20
1Lamp Output (0 VDC)Lamp Output (0 VDC)
2Lamp Power (+12 VDC)Not Used
3Not UsedLamp Power (+12 VDC)
4Not UsedNot Used

Lamp connection is not polarity dependent.

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