PSC Power Supply & Controller Specifications

The PSC Power Supply & Controller is a device that supplies 24 VDC power to the InfraStake modules. It also controls the InfraStake process.

Standard Features

  • 7″ color touchscreen operator interface
  • Capable of programming up to 32 different set-up recipes
  • 10 independent control zones (a module or group of modules associated with different processes or components being joined)
  • 1 configurable status input per InfraStake module. Input is pre-configured for full stroke verification but can be changed to boss presence verification.
  • Pass/fail data logging of last 50 cycles
  • Fault history recording
  • Lamp-on verification
  • Manual lamp controls
  • Manual valve controls
  • I/O monitoring and forcing
  • Additional inputs / outputs available by request

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