Hot-Plate Welding

What is hot-plate welding?

Hot-plate welding is the process of welding two plastic parts together using a heated tooling plate. A weld rib or bead on each component is brought into contact with the hot plate. Heat conducts into the weld rib causing it to melt. The heated tool is then removed and the parts are pushed together until they bond to one another.

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Two components are brought into contact with a heated tool. The heat conducts into melt ribs causing them to soften. Also called the ‘Heat Phase’.


The components are removed from the heated tool and it is retracted out of the way. Also called the ‘Changeover Phase’.


The components are brought together and a hold pressure is applied until the weld cools. Also called the ‘Weld Phase’.

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Hot plate welding brackets, ports, and other small components

Hot plate welding brackets, ports, and other small components

Trying to hot plate weld small brackets, or ports onto a large complex part can be tough and expensive in a standard machine. These types of applications often need a modular, configurable solution to fit around the parts. Often, the main piece has several small components, each needing a welding operation. For example, many automotive underhood ducts are long and meandering and have a couple of ports and brackets.

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Advantages of Servo-Driven Hot Plate Welders

Advantages of Servo-Driven Hot Plate Welders

Servo-controlled hot plate welders completely revolutionize the hot-plate welding process. Take it from Extol, we started the servo movement with the Rapid Conductor hot plate welder. Our welders use servo-motors to control the platens and weld strong, repeatable parts.

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Start Monitoring Melt Force to Improve Your Hot-Plate Welding Process

Start Monitoring Melt Force to Improve Your Hot-Plate Welding Process

If you do any hot-plate welding, you should start monitoring melt force to improve your weld consistency and quality. Extol’s Rapid Conductor hot-plate welder is equipped standard with three servo-driven platens: the upper and lower press platens, and the heated platen. Servo control eliminates the need for hard stops and ensures that all the pressure applied by the welder goes directly into the components being welded.

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The most sophisticated hot-plate welder available. Featuring fully supported, servo-controlled platens for fast, powerful, and independent force and distance control.

Smallest available servo-driven, hot-plate welder on the market. Ideal for smaller assemblies, cleanrooms, & limited space environments. Can be used in non-contact applications as well.

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