Spin Welding

What is spin welding?

Spin welding is a method of joining plastic components together with surface friction concentrated in a circular weld joint. One part is spun relative to another and force is applied, causing the material to heat and melt. The spinning process stops and the parts continue to be pressed together while they bond together.

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How spin welding works


One component spins and causes surface friction and abrasive wear against the fixed component.


Friction between the two components generates heat and causes the contact surfaces to melt.


Spinning stops and the weld joint resolidifies under pressure.

Spin Welding Benefits

  • Aggressive joining method
  • High-strength welds
  • Hermetically sealed joints
  • Cost-effective for round weld joints

Material Choices

  • Works with amorphous and semi-crystalline thermoplastics
  • Materials must be compatible with each other
  • Composite materials and materials with fillers are acceptable

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