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Intro to HP MJF 3D Printing Webinar

Learn the basics of Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing so you can begin to speed up development, reduce the costs of functional prototyping, and consider additive manufacturing for production.

Welding and Assembly of MJF Parts Webinar

Learn how to assemble 3D printed MJF parts with traditional plastic joining technologies.

3D Printing for Automation Webinar

Learn how to use 3D printing to propel your automation forward.

Partner with us on your additive manufacturing journey.

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Extol has a unique blend of a human-centered-design (HCD) innovation process, plastic assembly & automation expertise, and additive manufacturing. Put together, this makes us the perfect partner to help you improve the way your plastic products are made.

Leverage our capabilities and expertise to develop high-value applications and transition to production.

We are positioned to serve world-class supply chains and progress the additive manufacturing industry by helping customers develop high-value applications as well as provide technology and automation that will empower a transition to production.

Learn more about our Digital Development Program™.

What our customers are saying about partnering with Extol…

“I’ve worked with others, and they can’t compete with Extol’s customer service and level of detail. They know what they are doing.”

Extol is different. They are NOT a service bureau. To be successful, this is the type of collaboration we need.”

I’m very impressed by the quality of these parts. We will definitely be sending them more work.”

“Service bureaus have been difficult to work with.
Extol’s collaboration is incredible.”

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3D printed grey part

Guide to Assembling 3D Printed Plastics

Are you only using adhesives to assemble 3D printed plastics? Several other assembly methods can help you create more value with 3D printing.

Use our guide to learn how to assemble your 3D-printed plastic parts.


HP Alpha Development Partner

Genuine PP that you know and love. Light-weight with toughness, fatigue strength, ductility, and chemical resistance.

3D Printed Polypropylene part


BASF Ultrasint TPU

Versatile rubbery material that feels like a dream in your hands. 88A hardness with great flexibility and shock absorption. Design controlled durometer and stiffness through latticing.  High elasticity, tear resistant, and soft touch/non marking. Prints with high accuracy and detail. Ideal for vapor smoothing and Ultracur3D color coating.

3D printed TPU part


The traditional workhorse of HP MJF materials. Strong and rigid with high density. Prints in the highest dimensional accuracy and detail.

3D printed PA12 part

Take advantage of the game-changing MJF 3D printing technology.

AMT PostPro3D Vapor Smoothing

Smooths surfaces to an injection molded quality.  Seals part from absorbing liquids and improves mechanical properties.

3D Printed TPU under hood engine part wet

Black Dye

Transforms parts from natural grey to black for a more finished appearance.

Closeup of a printed scott adapter in a dark grey color


Achieve the finished appearance that you desire.

White Painted Multi Jet Fusion Bracket

BASF Ultracur3D Coat F

Flexible color coating for TPU parts. Custom colors available.

BASF Ultracur3D Coating in blue and grey

Splitting and Joining Large Parts

Make parts that are too large to fit in the printable area by printing in multiple pieces and gluing them together.

MJF glue joint

Welding and Assembly

Traditional plastic assembly processes like Hot Plate Welding, Laser Welding, and Staking to create functional, end-use assemblies.

Laser Welded 3D printed MJF PP Bottle

Get functional prototype parts faster than ever before.

Digital Development Program™

Whether you are not sure where to start, have an idea for a 3D printing application, or have experience launching additive manufacturing applications, let’s work together to make your next application successful.

The Digital Development Program (DDP) is Extol’s proven innovation process to develop high-value applications for 3D printing and transition them to production. Based on Human Centered Design, the DDP is a step-by-step development process that allows for agility and partnership that is required for bringing new innovations to life. 

Each manufacturing method (injection molding, extrusion, etc,) has specific requirements for design and manufacturing, and so does additive manufacturing. Additive manufacturing is a cutting-edge technology, and many applications are the first of their kind. This requires attention to the economic value proposition, systems thinking, and manufacturing scalability, which can only be done in partnership.

Here are the steps we take together as we walk through the DDP:

Discover – Understand context and systems and identify opportunities for 3D printing.

Define – Identify the economic value proposition and technical application requirements.

Develop – Design for additive manufacturing, prototype, and validate that the design meets the economic value proposition and application requirements.

Deliver – Prepare to scale and reduce the risk of a new manufacturing process by identifying critical quality characteristics and a plan to control them.

Chart with the discover, define, develop, deliver steps outlined

Let us help you make your next application successful.

The Most Advanced HP 3D Printers

Extol has (3) HP Multi-Jet Fusion (MJF) 5210 3D printers. These are the most advanced and fastest 3D printers available enabling us to support all the demands of digital development.

Closeup of HP Multi-Jet Fusion technology for additive manufacturing

The HP Multi Jet Fusion Process

all blue circles separated

Layer Powder

blue circles with blue and black raindrops

Apply Agents

half blue circles, half grey circles with an energy source on top

Apply Energy

blue circles on the left and a solid black fused square

Fused Part

Read more about 3D printing at Extol.

Extol hosts assembly workshop at Additive Manufacturing UG Conference

Extol hosts assembly workshop at Additive Manufacturing UG Conference

Extol led a hands-on workshop at the annual AMUG conference this year. People learned how to use welding and assembly to find the best solution to meet their 3D printing application’s cost, performance, and lead time needs. Expand your knowledge through my conversation with Extol’s Kyle Harvey about AMUG and the welding and assembly workshop.

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Top 6 Reasons Machine Builders are Switching to 3D Printing

Top 6 Reasons Machine Builders are Switching to 3D Printing

3D printing technology and materials have advanced rapidly, offering new possibilities and advantages for machine builders. Machine builders are replacing traditional CNC machining and urethane casting processes to use 3D printing for applications such as fixtures, EOAT, tricky custom details, and first shots of customer parts for debugging. Let’s explore some of the benefits of 3D printing for machine builders, focusing on design freedom, reducing lead time and cost, reducing detail count, replacing messy urethane casting, keeping debug timelines moving, and reducing weight.

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Which Unlocks More 3D Printing Applications? – DfAM or Business Model Innovation

Which Unlocks More 3D Printing Applications? – DfAM or Business Model Innovation

Despite the promise of Additive Manufacturing (AM), many organizations have failed to capitalize on its potential. This is partly because AM presents a unique set of challenges, which can be difficult to overcome without extensive experience and expertise. As a result, many organizations have pursued applications that are not well-suited for AM, leading to late and expensive failures. In order to maximize the benefits of AM, organizations need to invest in and deliver successful applications. With the right approach, AM has the potential to change the world.

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