Process Development Center

An extension of your engineering team

Let us help you optimize your assembly for strength, cycle time, and appearance.

We evaluate your unique application and provide specific design recommendations for the most robust joining solution. We also conduct prototype welding and staking and can test parts via microstructure analysis, burst testing, leak testing, or tensile testing.

Process Training

Learn something new every day.

Visit us for training on any number of plastic welding and assembly processes. Learn the theory behind the processes, practical applications, material considerations, design guidelines, and equipment options.

Training starts in a classroom setting, then you apply what you’ve learned on actual equipment in our Process Development Center. Sessions typically range between half of a day to a few days depending on how many different processes are covered.

Design Evaluation

A strong assembly starts with a solid design.

Send us your part design and we’ll analyze it and provide specific recommendations for the most robust welding or staking joint.

Prototype Welding and Staking

Assume nothing. Test everything.

Send sample parts or bring them in yourself we’ll run trials to determine optimal process settings and give you prototype parts that you can show your customers.

Microstructure Analysis

Let us take a closer look.

Let us look at your welded parts under a microscope in order to better understand how much material was softened, the weld quality, and what can be done to improve it.

Tensile Testing

Pull it apart and measure the strength.

We’ll pull your welded or staked assembly in our state-of-the-art tensile tester and measure the forces the joint can withstand before it breaks… if it breaks at all.

Burst Testing

The better the weld, the better the explosion.

We can pressurize your welded assembly in our burst chamber and measure the maximum pressure it contained before breaking apart.

Leak Testing

Everything leaks… how fast is the question.

We’ll fill your part with controlled air pressure and submerge it in our leak test tank to inspect for bubbles.

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