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E-FIT Service Maintenance Programs

Keep your Extol equipment in shape for optimal performance with E-FIT service and maintenance programs


Reduce or eliminate down time, maximize performance, and proactively fix issues.

Our factory-trained team of service engineers will travel to your facility and provide comprehensive check-ups on your Extol machine(s).

CHECK-UPS include:

  • Pneumatic, electrical, and mechanical evaluation
  • Quality checks
  • Machine calibration
  • Recommended spare parts
  • A service history on the machine
  • Optional training/process review

Process Optimization

Reduce cycle times by optimizing the process

Extol service engineers will come out and take a pulse on the process performance of your Extol equipment. Parameter adjustments are skillfully made and communicated to your team in order to optimize the process for your application.

Hot-plate welder adjustments:

  • Temperature
  • Melt time
  • Velocity, seal, and melt forces

InfraStake® & InfraWeld® adjustments:

  • Heat time
  • Power levels
  • Cooling air flow

Spin welder adjustments:

  • Force
  • Velocity
  • Distance
  • RPM

Hands-on Technical Training

Hands-on technical training will keep your Extol equipment running at peak performance.

With periodic employee turnover, ongoing training of machine operators and maintenance staff is vital. Extol’s E-FIT™ team will provide customized training to keep your equipment up and running properly.

Typical training includes:

  • Hands-on machine operation
  • Machine safety procedures
  • Process set-up & adjustments
  • Troubleshooting guidelines
  • Preventive maintenance recommendations

An additional copy of the owner’s manual is available upon request.

Troubleshooting and Upgrades

Extend the life and maximize the use/application of your existing Extol equipment

Contact Extol for an Extreme Makeover— we will make your equipment like new again.

Do you have an older machine that still works but needs a tune-up or a deep cleaning? Extol’s service engineers will evaluate your equipment, identify any wear items, and fix any problems quickly. Your machine is a significant investment, and we want to help you maintain it for years of optimal operation.

Maybe you need a new feature added to a machine— more programs/recipes, safety add-ons, data collection options, remote temperature sensors, SPC data collection, etc. We will gladly work with you to come up with a solution that meets your new requirements. Call today for more information and/or a quote.



Extol E-FIT™

achieve better plastics-joining results and lower your total costs
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