Rapid Conductor Support

Proactive Service for Rapid Conductor

Let our service team care for your Rapid Conductor. Choose from popular service options, or let us customize a plan that fits your exact needs.

Popular Service Options


Get specialized training on your equipment for better insight and improved production.

  • Instruction on Rapid Conductor (RC) process and machine function
  • Instruction on HMI Screens (process settings, UDI/UDO, faults, SPC, etc)
  • Instruction on common troubleshooting
  • Instruction on maintenance requirements


Get process optimization to improve part quality and achieve faster cycle times for better throughput.

  • Optimize process settings for improved part quality
  • Review the condition of the tooling for wear, damage, or sticking.
  • Optimize process settings for faster throughput
  • Optimize process steps
  • Minimize machine actions and operator movements


Get superior performance, finer control, and longer life with regular equipment tune-ups.

  • Inspect the machine and recommend any needed repairs
  • Instruction on recommended spare parts planning
  • Perform machine calibration


Get extra capital utilization with upgrades for new capabilities on your existing machinery.

  • Value-add retrofits, including Tool ID, UPS/CSM, and MES integration
  • Advanced technology solutions, including vision inspection retrofits

See if Extol’s proactive support is right for you.

If you need help urgently, please call us at 800.324.6205.

Otherwise, submit the form and we’ll contact you to discuss your specific support needs.