Compact Fusion Specifications

45" D x 30.5" W x 51"H
1,143 x 775 x 1,295 mm
Weight (approx.)
750 lbs
340 kg
Heated platen working area
6" D x 8" W
152 x 203 mm
Front door opening
16.8" W x 21" H
425 x 533 mm
Side door opening
14" W x 21" H
356 x 533 mm
Maximum press open height
508 mm
Temperature control zones
Maximum clamp force
500 lbs
2.2 kN
Power requirement
480 VAC, 3 PH, 60 Hz, 20 amp
480 VAC, 3 PH, 60 Hz, 20 amp
Air requirement
80 psi, 7.4 SCFM
552 kPa, 0.210 m3/min

Standard Features

The impressive list of standard features include:

  • 3 servo-driven platens: upper and lower press platens and heated platen provide fast and precise force, velocity, and displacement control for consistent melt and seal profile.
  • Coordinated press platen motion ensures consistent melt and seal profile regardless of upper and lower press toll height.
  • On-board SPC data logging of previous 50 cycles provides an accurate history for monitoring quality.
  • (16) recipe storage capacity allows for efficient setup and adjustment of process parameters.
  • Allen-Bradley CompactLogix Processor and PanelView Plus 6.5" (165 mm) color, touchscreen HMI delivers intuitive machine control.
  • English and metric units.
  • Multiple temperature control zones; Max temp: 1000° F (538° C) maintain isothermal heated tooling.
  • Heater burnout and open thermocouple monitoring halts operation in case of malfunction.
  • Safe-exit emergency stop routine prevents over-exposure of parts to the heated platen.
  • Lighting inside machine illuminates internal working area.

Additional Options

Available options include:

  • Stage II data collection package provides remote SPC data acquisition.
  • Adjustable height machine base for ergonomic operation.
  • Large 12" HMI for increased visibility of operator interface.
  • Integrated load cells provides improved force monitoring through the cycle with closed-loop feedback to the controller.
  • Integrated optical linear scales provides press-platens position feedback through the cycle.
  • Back-up power supply to maintain control power for safety (not operation) during power outage.

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