IR welding for people who don't like IR welding

InfraGuide: Focused IR Welding for Clean Plastic Parts


Are you frustrated with the shortcomings of traditional IR welding? Let us introduce you to InfraGuide, the infrared welding technology for people who don’t like IR welding.

In this interactive webinar, you’ll learn why manufacturers who wrote off IR welding are switching to InfraGuide. Of course, like all of Extol’s webinars, you’ll get to engage and ask questions all along the way.

Focused infrared welding for clean, particulate-free parts

InfraGuide is not like other infrared (IR) welding technologies. If you’ve struggled with IR welding in the past because of uneven heating or flare-ups, InfraGuide is for you. The technology focuses IR energy from small 100 W bulb-type emitters onto the weld joints of your parts. Each bulb is independently adjusted for uniform energy distribution along the entire weld. And there are no flare-ups. Positive air pressure clears the weld area of any off-gassing and eliminates any risk of fire. The result is a clean welding process that is safe and efficient to use.

Closeup of a golden colored Infraguide part

The InfraGuide Process

InfraGuide uses focused IR energy to heat the weld joint on two parts. Once the joints are heated, the InfraGuide tooling moves out of the way and the parts are pressed together to weld.

Diagram of IR welding heating parts


InfraGuide emitters focus the IR energy on the weld ribs of both parts, heating them.

two parts opening after being heated


Once the weld ribs are hot, the InfraGuide emitters are removed.

Two parts on top of each other


The parts are brought together and welded.

Application-driven IR welding solutions

We customize each InfraGuide IR welding machine to the application. That means, that the machine can be as large or as small as you need it to be. It can apply force using whatever method you want. No matter what, you get the IR welding solution that is best suited for your parts.

InfraGuide Benefits

Blue target with yellow arrow

Focused and Efficient

InfraGuide focuses the IR energy directly onto the weld rib. This allows for the use of efficient, low-wattage IR lamps. The IR energy is switched off between each cycle, saving energy.

Six identical green rectangles

Uniform Energy

Each IR lamp is independently controlled. So, we can precisely tune the rate of heating along the weld rib for uniform energy distribution. That means the entire weld rib reaches optimal welding temperature at the same time while minimizing material degradation.

Fire with red circle and line over it

No Flare Ups

Positive air pressure passing through the InfraGuide module exhausts any material off-gassing. In other IR technologies, those gasses hover around the weld rib and have the potential to ignite into flames. InfraGuide eliminates that risk.

Three yellow stars


InfraGuide is a non-contact, non-vibratory welding technology. That means no sticking and no particulate. Furthermore, we control the power and gradually heat the material so it reaches temperature without discoloration or degradation.

IR Welding Comparison

Quartz IR welding in action

Quartz IR

  • Medium weld strength
  • Heating time: 15-30 seconds
  • Works with any material color, except clear
  • Masking is used to control where energy is absorbed by the part, which is not precise
  • Energy is not uniformly applied to the weld rib
  • Not recommended for use with sensitive applications
  • Some risk of flare-ups
Metal Foil IR welding in action

Metal Foil IR

  • Medium weld strength
  • Heating time: 15-30 seconds
  • Works with any material color, except clear
  • No masking necessary to control where energy is absorbed by the part.
  • Energy is not precisely controlled
  • Not recommended for use with sensitive applications
  • High risk of flare-ups
Yellow colored InfraGuide in action


  • High weld strength
  • Heating time: 10-20 seconds
  • Works with any material color, including clear
  • Precise, focused energy placement on the part
  • Tunable, uniform energy control, and distribution
  • Safe to use with sensitive applications
  • No risk of flare-ups

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