InfraGuide Design Guidelines

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What is InfraGuide?

InfraGuide is a unique infrared (IR) welding technology that addresses common issues like uneven heating and flare-ups. It utilizes small, 100 W bulb-type emitters to focus IR energy on the weld joints, with each bulb independently adjusted for uniform energy distribution. The technology also employs positive air pressure to clear off-gassing from the weld area, eliminating fire risks. This results in a safe, efficient, and clean welding process.

Joint Design

Weld joint design diagram

General Guidance:

  • Include 1.00-1.50 mm (0.04”-0.06”) of material overlap in your weld joint.
  • Build in 5.20 mm (0.21”) of clearance from nearby part features for module fitment. The specified clearance includes the following criteria:
    • 1.30 mm (0.05”) offset from outer edge of the weld rib
    • 3.18 mm (0.13”) for the module wall thickness
    • 0.76 mm (0.03”) clearance from the module exterior to nearby part geometry to avoid interference
  • If an internal feature protrudes past the weld plane additional clearance from the weld path will be required.
  • If concealing flash is required, make the flash trap large enough to contain half the material displaced in the weld rib.
  • Weld rib must be a minimum of 1.65 mm (0.06”) wide.
    • Weld rib width is driven by assembly strength criteria.

Weld Path


  • Build in a minimum of 31.75 mm (1.25”) between close weld paths.
  • Tolerance must be tight to ensure that the weld rib will be in line with the focal point of the module.

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