Processing Assistant

Follow these instructions to set up an InfraStake process using the InfraStake Processing Assistant.

Set-Up Part

  • Go to the Setup tab and select Part Setup.
  • Select the Part number that you want to use and give it a meaningful name.
  • Assign the modules that are used on the part.

Run Processing Assistant

  • Go to the Process tab and select Processing Assistant.
  • Select the modules that are similar to each other and are staking bosses with similar dimensions and colors.
  • Choose whether to run all selected modules simultaneously or one-by-one. Simultaneously will stake all selected points at the same time and a new part will have to be loaded for each iteration. One-by-one will use only one stake point per iteration and a new part will only need to be loaded when all the similar points have been staked on the first part.
  • If Find Process from Scratch is chosen, select the approximate Boss Height and Boss Color of the selected stake points.
  • Load a part and run a cycle. Watch carefully during the process to see if any smoking occurs.
  • Answer the on-screen questions and submit answers.
  • Continue to follow the screen prompts as the Processing Assistant iteratively develops an optimized staking process. Depending on the application, the Processing Assistant may take 5-10 iterations to develop the optimized staking process.

Apply Recipe

  • Select Apply to All to apply the new recipe to the selected module(s) or Fine-Tune to further optimize the new process.

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