nanoSTAKE dataPLUS™

Access your process data.

With dataPLUS™ network communication activated, the nanoSTAKE System Controller performs the role of a data server in order to make certain data available to a PLC over an ethernet connection using Modbus TCP. The interface acts as a data monitor but cannot be used to control the System Controller.

Data flowing from the nanoSTAKE technology to the machine PLC and out to the plant network.

What data can you access with dataPLUS?

DataPLUS gives you access to system information, nanoSTAKE process data, and fault notifications. For a complete list of all available data, see the dataPLUS User Manual. Here is a summary of the information that you can access.

System Information

Information on the overall nanoSTAKE system, including:

  • How many modules are active
  • Cycle count
  • Current state of the system controller
  • System uptime

Process Data

Information gathered from the nanoSTAKE cycle, including:

  • Module position data
  • Timing data for each step of the nanoSTAKE cycle
  • Temperature data for each step of the nanoSTAKE cycle

Fault Notifications

Information on any issues with the nanoSTAKE modules in the system, including:

  • Temperature faults
  • Heater faults
  • Position faults
  • Process timing faults
  • Communication faults
  • Configuration faults

How do you activate dataPLUS?

Once you have purchased the dataPLUS option, activation is simple. Just select Activate dataPLUS on your nanoSTAKE system controller and enter an activation code.

How do you implement dataPLUS into your equipment?

By activating dataPLUS, you are essentially just unlocking a data server. What you do with it is up to you. You can extract the data, move it to a database, and visualize it on the machine HMI. Whatever you decide, you’ll need to program the machine PLC to perform the function. If you aren’t familiar with Modbus or industrial networking, you may want to find someone who can help.

Is any additional hardware required to use dataPLUS?

Some platforms, such as Allen-Bradley, will require a gateway to convert the data to a compatible communications protocol. However, many platforms, such as Siemens, do not need a gateway.

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Download the dataPLUS User Manual