The rules of hot-plate welding have changed.

Servo-driven hot-plate welding

Rapid Conductor™ is the most sophisticated hot-plate welder available and features servo-controlled platens for fast, powerful, and independent force, and distance precision.

The Servo-Driven Hot-Plate Welding Process

Servo-controlled press platens bring two halves of an assembly into contact with heating tooling which melts the weld joint. The heated tooling is quickly removed and the platens bring the part halves together and apply pressure as they bond, all without hard stops.

Rapid Conductor Overview

In a class of its own, the Rapid Conductor™ is the most precise hot-plate welder on the market. Three servo-driven platens are expertly programmed to provide accurate velocity, force, and displacement control.

Exceptional plastics-joining results attract customers from diverse industries around the globe. Servo-driven hot-plate welding is preferred for applications which require a robust weld, a hermetic seal, and for components with complex geometries.

Rapid Conductor Benefits


Three servo-driven platens deliver fast platen motion and minimized open times resulting in a shorter cycle time.

Process Control

Servo-driven platens eliminate the need for hard-stops and provide ultimate force, velocity, and displacement control and feedback.


Interchangeable tooling and heated tool storage options allow for a complete tooling changeover in minutes.


Intuitive operator interface and user-defined I/O make for easy configuration while unlocking the power of the Rapid Conductor.

Rapid Conductor Models

There are three different Rapid Conductor models available.


  • 10 x 15″ heated platen working area
  • 2000 lbs maximum clamp force
  • 5 temperature control zones


  • 15 x 24″ heated platen working area
  • 4000 lbs maximum clamp force
  • 7 temperature control zones


  • 20 x 40″ heated platen working area
  • 6000 lbs maximum clamp force
  • 9 temperature control zones


The impressive list of standard features include:

  • 3 servo-driven platens: upper and lower press platens and heated platen provide fast and precise force, velocity, and displacement control for consistent melt and seal profile.
  • On-board SPC data logging of previous 50 cycles provides an accurate history for monitoring quality.
  • (16) recipe storage capacity allows for efficient setup and adjustment of process parameters.
  • Automatic teach mode eliminates the guesswork of initial process setup.
  • Thermal expansion compensation technology maintains the centered position of heated tooling while allowing for thermal expansion.
  • User-defined I/O for tooling functions enables easy configuration of sensors and valves through the operator interface.
  • Safe-exit emergency stop routine prevents over-exposure of parts to the heated platen.
  • and more…

Additional Options

Available options include:

  • Stage II data collection package provides remote SPC data acquisition.
  • Calibration kit allows for recalibration of machine.
  • Quick-change tooling package enables faster and easier tool changes.
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with controlled shutdown mode (CSM) protects operators and machine in the event of power failure.
  • Cleanroom package meets requirements and specifications for machine to operate in a cleanroom.
  • High-acceleration press platens (Model 1015 only) provides improved material release from heated tooling after melt phase.
  • Barcode reading/processing capability allows for integration with manufacturing traceability systems.

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