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Born Hybrid

Combines vibration and infrared welding technology within a compact body.

All the movements are driven by electric, servo-controlled motors.

Extremely versatile and very precise; a one of a kind machine.

Two Welding Technologies Combined

The most advanced in the range, it combines two of the most complex welding technologies, vibration and infrared, within a compact body.

It is equipped with infrared emitters, positioned on the right and left of the press; they leave the rear of the machine open and customizable with a rear sliding door.

Innovative and Clean

All the movements are driven by electric, servo-controlled motors, and this allows the machine not only to meet the highest standards of cleanliness but also to achieve unmatched levels of speed and accuracy. Its clean vibration technology, both extremely versatile and very precise, makes this machine a one-of-a-kind.

Frequency240 Hz
Upper Tooling Weightup to 75 kg
Welding Capacityup to 400 cm² of PP
Clamp Force (Net)21 kN
Clamp Force (Gross)26.5 kN
Lift Table Speed500 mm/s
Working Clearance700 mm
Vibrating Head945 × 540 mm
Lift Table1400 × 600 mm

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