918 Information

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Big Inside

A large and roomy welding machine that works at 240 Hz.

Ideal for welding big components (spoilers), critical parts (PAB chutes), and two assemblies at the same time (intake manifolds and rear lamps).

Strong welding force and a wide workspace.

Strong Welding Force and Wide Workspace

Stemming from the need to weld the same products welded by 901 and 911 machines, but given their special features, require a stronger welding force and an increased workspace: big components (spoilers), critical parts (PAB chutes), two assemblies at the same time (intake manifolds and rear lamps).

One of a Kind

This machine is designed with the same technical characteristics of the 911 HL, but with a broadened working surface; essentially, a larger and roomier welding machine, that still works at 240 Hz.

HL Version: Increased Workspace, Still 240 Hz

The 918 HL version can withstand even higher weights and welding forces, while maintaining the best levels of precision.

Frequency240 Hz240 Hz240 Hz
Upper Tooling Weightup to 90 kgup to 135 kgup to 90 kg
Welding Capacityup to 500 cm² of PPup to 700 cm² of PPup to 500 cm² of PP
Clamp Force (Net)17 kN35 kN20 kN
Clamp Force (Gross)23.5 kN40 kN26.5 kN
Lift Table Speed250 mm/s250 mm/s250 mm/s
Working Clearance700 mm700 mm700 mm
Vibrating Head945 × 540 mm1400 × 540 mm945 × 540 mm
Lift Table1700 × 650 mm1700 × 650 mm1700 × 650 mm

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