Vortex Precedence Specifications

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 G1, G3, & G5
Dimensions30.5" D x 22" W x 69.2" max H
(775 x 559 x 1,758 mm)
Weight (approx.)475 lbs (215 kg)
Maximum open height20.25" (430 mm)
Adjustable column heightup to 17" (430 mm)
Throat depth11" (279 mm)
Stroke lengthup to 4" (102 mm)
Maximum clamp force400 lbs (1,780 N)
Drive motor10 HP (7.5 kW) peak power servo-drive
Peak torqueG1: 247 in-lb (28 Nm)
G3: 726 in-lb (82 Nm)
G5: 1,210 in-lb (137 Nm)
Maximum spindle speedG1: 5,000 rpm
G3: 1,667 rpm
G5: 1,000 rpm
Servo motor accuracy+/- 0.1°
ControllerBoard-level PLC (IEC 61131-3 compliant)
Operator interface7" (178 mm) color, touch-screen HMI
Memory storage50 programs
Onboard SPC data50 most recent cycles
Power requirements480 VAC, 3-phase, 50/60 Hz, 20 A (240 VAC optional)
Compressed air requirements85 psi (586 kPa), clean, dry, non-lubricated

Standard Features

The impressive list of standard features include:

  • 4 unique weld modes:
    • Collapse Distance controls weld joint displacement.
    • Total Distance controls final assembly height.
    • Revolutions controls number of spindle rotations.
    • Time controls weld duration.
  • Manual mode allows complete z-axis and spindle rotation to simplify setup.
  • Proprietary dual-proportional valve pneumatic actuation for programmable velocity and force control.
  • Linear potentiometer provides weld-by-depth control.
  • Vacuum or positive air pressure integrated into upper tooling spindle for simple part retention.
  • Integrated power supply for true benchtop design.
  • Process monitoring with programmable high and low pass/fail limits.
  • Resettable and lifetime cycle counters to track production output and manage preventative maintenance.
  • Cast-aluminum base with leveling plate.

Additional Options

Available options include:

  • Stage II data collection package provides remote SPC data acquisition.
  • 240 VAC power version.
  • Remote HMI for easy operator interface in welder integration applications.
  • 4" and 8" column riser blocks for taller components.
  • Part presence sensing for error-proofing.
  • Centering Tool Kit for leveling and centering the lower tooling plate.
  • Adjustable height machine base for ergonomic operation.
  • Integration into custom-designed manufacturing equipment.

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