Custom Machines

Custom plastics joining is our business.

Plastic welding, staking, and assembly equipment

Our ‘Specials’ team is all about custom machines. From fully-automated assembly lines to standalone custom machines, we provide solutions that meet your needs and we have the plastics joining expertise to make sure it is done right.

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You want custom?

We build custom equipment that incorporates these operations and many more.



Hot-Plate Welding


Spin Welding


Ultrasonic Welding


IR Welding


Clip Driving


Screw Driving


Leak Testing


Poka Yoke Inspection


Threaded Insertion




A few examples…

Get the most out of your capital equipment budget.

Interchangeable Tooling

Many of our customers have embraced a manufacturing philosophy of investing in flexible capital equipment allowing for rapid tooling changeover to maximize the utilization of a given piece of assembly equipment. Extol has responded by developing a number of ‘platforms’ supporting the quick tooling changeover, flexible equipment approach.

Flexible Machine Bases

Flexible machine bases can be designed to accept tooling that will perform just about any function. Whether its welding, staking, assembly, poka yoke, a flexible machine and tooling combination will get the job done.

Tooling is easy and fast to change over with quick disconnect pneumatic and electrical connections. Unique product programming parameters are pre-loaded into the machine PLC with automatic tooling recognition or by loading a portable memory device for each tool set.

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Whatever you're making with plastic, we can help you make it better and more efficiently.
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