Integration Package Components

Integrate nanoSTAKE into any machine.

nanoSTAKE® integration packages include everything you need to integrate the technology into a machine. Use the layouts below for a quick reference of how the components connect with each other.

1:1 Module Position Control Layout

Each nanoSTAKE module has its own air spring and linear potentiometer for independent position control.

Multiple Module Position Control Layout

Multiple (up to 6) nanoSTAKE modules share an air spring and linear potentiometer for tightly spaced applications. 

What is nanoSTAKE?

nanoSTAKE® is a revolutionary new staking technology that uses a proprietary Smart Respond™ heating technology to rapidly heat and cool a punch to stake plastic.

Learn about the components in a nanoSTAKE integration package.

nanoSTAKE® integration packages include module(s), pneumatics kit(s), module controller(s), and system controller(s). Learn more about each component below.

1:1 nanoSTAKE Module

  • 1:1 nanoSTAKE module to position control ratio.
  • Every module has independent position control.

Grouped Configuration

  • Used in tight space situations when a typical 1:1 module won’t fit.
  • Up to 6 modules have single position control.

Pneumatics Kit

  • Supplies air for up to 8 nanoSTAKE modules.

Module Controller

  • Controls up to 4 nanoSTAKE modules.
  • Module Controller designed to be tool-mounted or panel-mounted.
  • Daisy-chain 24 VDC power and System Controller Communication for additional Module Controllers.

System Controller

  • Controls up to 32 nanoSTAKE modules.
  • System Controller accepts 2 configurable start signals. Specify which modules operate on each incoming start signal.

nanoSTAKE Tool Change Connections

Extol offers a variety of tool change connections. Download our guide that describes the different options.

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