Integration Package Components

Integrate nanoSTAKE into any machine.

nanoSTAKE® integration packages include everything you need to integrate the technology into a machine. Use the layout below for a quick reference of how the components connect with each other.

What is nanoSTAKE?

nanoSTAKE® is a revolutionary new staking technology that uses a proprietary Smart Respond™ heating technology to rapidly heat and cool a punch to stake plastic.

Learn about the components in a nanoSTAKE integration package.

nanoSTAKE® integration packages include module(s), pneumatics kit(s), module controller(s), and system controller(s). Learn more about each component below.

NanoSTAKE Module

  • 1:1 nanoSTAKE module to position control ratio.
  • Every module has independent position control.

Cooling Air Kit

  • Supplies cooling air for up to 8 nanoSTAKE modules.

Force Control Kit

  • Controls up to 8 nanoSTAKE modules.
  • Controls extend and retract pressures.

Module Controller

  • Controls up to 4 nanoSTAKE modules.
  • Module Controller designed to be tool-mounted or panel-mounted.
  • Daisy-chain 24 VDC power and System Controller Communication for additional Module Controllers.

System Controller

  • Controls up to 32 nanoSTAKE modules.
  • System Controller accepts 2 configurable start signals. Specify which modules operate on each incoming start signal.

nanoSTAKE Tool Change Connections

Extol offers a variety of tool change connections. Download our guide that describes the different options.

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